The perfect car game

The perfect car game


Who remembers Need for Speed 2 Underground? It was one of my favourite games for the PC and I would love for it to come back! There isn’t really any other game that done what Underground 2 done and even then I don’t really think they done Underground 2 right. It was only that good because it was the only game like it, you couldn’t get the customisation options anywhere else, you didn’t get the explore mode and you didn’t get as many different race options in any other game while providing you a storyline.

RememberĀ Circuit, Sprint, Drag and Drift races! what was great about NFS too was you had to drive to the races. No other game done this as you could always pick them from the menu! The drifting in Need For Speed was pretty awesome too!

Heres what I would LOVE to happen. A game similar to Need For Speed Underground 2 with the same customisation options, explore mode etc etc but based in the UK and combining a Grand Theft Auto type police system. Grand Theft Auto’s is pretty great for this as its the only other game where u can drive around how you want and if you’re like me you spark up a police chase and then try lose the cops.

Now if you base the game on UK streets, with UK coppers etc and I really think you could get something pretty cool and new there! It also hits home for a lot of people and a game based on our turf would be pretty awesome!

The UK has a pretty big car scene and theres always meet ups here and there with turnouts that go into the thousands. You could get a pretty awesome following if this was to happen!


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